Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architektur

Media Campus ORF, Vienna


Client: Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF
Status: competition 2014, completion 2022

The tension between overall coherence and emphasized autonomy of certain components are a central topic of Roland Rainer’s work. Accordingly the new building joins the ensemble without denying its own identity. Transparency is the predominant topic. The newsroom forms the heart of the new building. The forecourt in combination with the ample spatial sequencing generates a connection between inside and outside that is conveyed to the different workspaces.

Residential Development Nordbahnhof, Vienna


Client: ÖVW GmbH
Status: completion 2019

The building structure subtly reacts to the street. The slightly buckled façade creates flowing room transitions. Spacious balconies shape the visual appearance. The ground-floor faintly rises above the surrounding level. Green spaces enclose the building. The foyers present themselves spaciously towards the street. The façades face all sides, an attic was deliberately left out.

University of Applied Arts, Extension Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, Vienna


Client: BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
Status: competition 2014, completion 2018

The hermetic inner structure of the former customs building is opened up so that it can be fully experienced. Superfluous elements are removed and new inner situations are created. Corresponding to its use, through this process, vast inner spaces are created with attractive spatial qualities.

University of Applied Arts, Adaptation Wörle-Schwanzer-Wing, Vienna


Client: BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
Status: competition 2014, completion 2018

The Wörle-Schwanzer-Wing is freed of belated additions and rehabilitated. The characteristic reinforced concrete ribbed ceilings are displayed again. Based on need, a structured building system facilitates a flexible configuration of the lofty floors.

Residential Development Argentinierstrasse, Vienna


Client: ARE Development
Status: completion 2017

The plot is placed in the context of a very historic, high-end district that houses many palais and was mainly constructed during the building of the Ring Street. The centrally located site and quiet location within a garden do not contradict each other, but rather create a unique quality that is analog to the historical concept of the garden palais. The existing house on Argentinierstrasse is carefully refurbished. The courtyard contains three free standing buildings which are inserted into the context skillfully. Even though the individual buildings poses a formal identity, they are still recognized as one unit.

Residential Development Sonnwendviertel, Vienna


Client: win4wien Bauträger GmbH
Status: competition 2009, completion 2014
Awards: ZV-Bauherrenpreis 2015

Flanked by two defining open spaces, the park in the east and the “shared living room” in the west, the building develops a suitable structure: wraparound verandas that extend every single room to a specific amount of outside space. Glass doors that take the place of windows and connect the interior with the exterior thereby creating a deliberately permeable facade. The serially arranged generously proportioned rooms along the facade enable flexible use – analog to the neutrality of “Gründerzeit” layouts.

Geriatric Center Liesing, Vienna


Client: Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund
Status: competition 2006, completion 2012
Awards: ZV-Bauherrenpreis 2013

The structure of the new geriatric center addresses the overlap of urban and green spaces. A new combination emerges which combines the predominant aspects of each space. Instead of being a hermetically sealed unit, the center is openly structured to create many differed connections between the interior and the exterior. The large courtyard with its glass gangways is connected to the park in a vibrant way. The Park is no longer on the “outside”, as it has become an integral part of the facility.

Service Buildings Zentralfriedhof, Vienna


Client: BFW Gebäudeerrichtungs- und Vermietungs GmbH & CoKG
Status: competition 2009, completion 2011
Awards: Holzbaupreis Vorarlberg 2013, Holzbaupreis Wien 2015

A fixed frame defines the distinguished ensemble and offers a soothing horizon from the exterior. Significant buildings of the cemetery are finished in pristine light stucco. Subordinate elements, such as the boundary wall made of clinker, seem muted in color and blend into the surrounding. Accordingly, the exterior appearance of the service buildings have been integrated into the natural environment. The nuancing of color hues in the concrete walls allow for restrained liveliness and offer a dignified backdrop for the gravestones in the foreground.

Residential Development Brauerei Liesing, Vienna


Client: win4wien Bauträger GmbH
Status: competition 2006, completion 2009

The design on the former brewery grounds reacts to the given urban frame in a subtle way. Alternating to the access core there are light wells that penetrate the entire structure. In combination with loggias that provide outside space, the structure provides a typology that contains multiple sources of natural light, in a two-sided apartment with depth of up to 22m. The facade’s design contains movable shading devices that create a constant change between open and closed, opaque and translucent, dark and light, shade and reflexion, introverted and extroverted.

Aquatic Complex and Ice Rink, Linz


Client: Linz AG
Status: competition 2006, completion 2008

An elongated volume accompanies the lower Danube quay, effectively shielding the premises without being too largely scaled. The focus of the building remains with the historic building by Kurt Kühne. In placing it at a right angle to the street's axis and orienting it towards the downtown, its position as an urban focal point is not questioned. Compared to the vertically structured historical main building, the addition protects the outdoor pools from the noise pollution of the busy street while connecting the existing indoor pool and the ice rink.

Nursing Home Höchsterstrasse, Dornbirn


Client: Stadt Dornbirn
Status: competition 2002, completion 2005
Awards: Holzbaupreis 2007

The spacious, freestanding building accommodates the location's vastness. The higher floors rest lapidarily with finely nuanced grooves on the set-back glass base, in such a way that the building seems to be levitating. It does not create a barrier, but rather lets the free space penetrate through the structure. The continuity of the park remains mostly intact. The atrium amidst the building strengthens the interlacing of the interior and the exterior.